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Oak Bay PAP and Birth Control Clinic

No Referral Needed

The women's clinic is offering the following services:

  • Routine PAP testing

  • Consultation for birth control options

  • IUD consult/insertion

  • Nexplanon consult/insertion

Oak Bay is pleased to offer a clinic dedicated to women’s health, run by Dr. Julie McSweeney. Dr. McSweeney is a family physician practicing in Calgary, Alberta here at Oak Bay Medical Centre. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary and then completed her medical training at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She returned to Calgary for her residency and has been focusing on maternal newborn care, mental health and women’s health since completing her training. She’s excited to bring her passion for Women’s health to Oak Bay medical - providing services such as PAPs as well as consultations for contraceptive counselling including IUD and Nexplanon insertion. She is currently accepting new patients without need for doctor referral.  

Please call 403-281-2020 for an appointment.

No referral necessary.

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