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About the Medical Clinic

Oak Bay Medical Centre is proud to be providing primary health care services to the community of Calgary since its inception in 2002. Created through the collective vision of five founding physicians the clinic was architecturally designed to provide a soothing environment in which to deliver primary health care. Years ahead of its time, the founding doctors thought it important to create an electronic charting system now the standard of all medical clinics today. The clinic has continued to strive to be at the forefront of quality health care and as such has been a pioneer in piloting multi-disciplinary care through its membership with the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network.


Oak Bay Medical Centre is a progressive clinic that through its association with the Calgary West Central Primary Care Clinic, has piloted from the beginning what has now become the gold standard of quality primary care, through the provision of a Multi-Disciplinary Patient Medical Home. Longitudinal patient care is delivered through collaboration of physicians and allied health care providers such as a registered nurse for the management of diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. The clinic participates in university academic research projects, and all registered clinic patients are panelled for purposes of proactive health management for cancer screening outreach, and chronic illness management. The result is an environment that provides quality medical practice meeting the most stringent standards of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, while also providing satisfaction to both patients and health care providers alike.


Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

The ensemble of physicians at Oak Bay provides a nice balance of recent graduates along with more experienced physicians, sharing together their knowledge of the operation and management of the clinic. A physician managed clinic enables the doctors to have direct control over the quality of their environment, staffing, and practice scheduling, insuring that all costs of the operation go directly toward the quality of the clinic. The result is a very stable environment within which to practice medicine. Many of the Oak Bay Docs share their practises which enables each doctor to pursue outside interests in medicine such as urgent care, hospital services, aviation medicine, women’s health, dermatology, and many other interests. The advantage of this dynamic practice setting is the flexibility it enables to pursue a variety of practice activities, in balance with a healthy lifestyle. Evenings and weekend afterhour medical coverage is provided through the Primary Care Network.

Our Doctors:

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